As a world building concept artist I am passionate about designing vehicles. characters, environments and creatures in a variety of styles and genres. Through my travel experience and extensive class research I have first hand knowledge of a variety of cultures and their history, costumes, art, architecture and technology.
With my innovative visions I am able to inspire the people around me. I aim to communicate my ideas with strong artistic skills and an excellent grasp of lighting, industrial, costume and graphic design, architecture, color theory and perspective.
Friends and colleagues know me as a reliable team player and creative problem solver dedicated to achieving my personal and professional goals on time and with excellence.

Born and raised in Germany, David grew up developing a strong visual library reading, watching movies, visiting museums and traveling Europe.
A fascination for books, movies, and games got him into concept art at an early age. Ever since he has been constantly refining his skills working on various professional projects and personal portfolios.
After High School David traveled the world for a year. Visiting countries such as Singapore and New Zealand at a young age taught him valuable lessons and traveling is still a major source of inspiration for all his concepts and Plein AIr paintings.
After relocating to the United States David graduated Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, CA summa cum laude in 2015.

David currently works at 343 Industries in Redmond, WA.
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